About the show

In the 21st century, what you know is less important than having the skills to apply your knowledge. Indeed, the World Health Organization has published a list of basic life skills needed to empower everyone. And what better way to introduce these skills to the widest possible audience than thought provoking stories filled with fun and excitement? We want to make you laugh out loud while you get a little ‘sensible screen time’! And that’s why we created “Kapi and Tiga”, our maiden series!

About Kapi and Tiga

Kapi and Tiga are a couple of happy-go-lucky young animals who live in Auzonia. With their friends - Ana, Hira, Tedi, Tura, and Ubi - Kapi and Tiga study hard and play hard, goof around, and travel. Just like any group of friends, they fight and disagree with each other at times. But with the help of their gurus Bansa and Duga, these smart kids sort out their differences and learn to work together along the way! And when something - or someone - disturbs the peace, they use their wits to save the day! Come and see the adventures brewing in Auzonia and experience life with Kapi, Tiga, and their friends!

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